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Pitching Workouts to Increase Velocity

pitching workouts to increase velocityIf you are looking for pitching workouts to increase velocity you nailed it. I will present you with a list to help you get started. Before we do that let’s first understand what it takes to increase pitching velocity.

Pitching velocity is the product of speed, torque and leverage. First the pitcher must generate as much speed or power as possible. If the pitcher can generate enough power to throw 100mph, go for it! Once this power is produced then the pitcher must convert this power into rotational torque. This multiplies the force of the power up the kinetic chain. As this force is increasing the pitch must put himself into positions so he can leverage as much of this force as possible and put it behind the baseball. Once the job is done the ball should explode out of the hand. Continue reading


The Secrets to Velocity!

tim.jpgEvery pitcher young or old wants to know anything and everything they can find on how to gain more velocity. Velocity is the key to the front door of the MLB. There are many articles and pages on the web claiming they have the secrets to throwing harder but how do you know what is BS and what really works? It has to do with the source. If some ex college baseball catcher is writing the article then there is a good chance he has no idea what he is talking about. Now, if the author is an ex pro who actually threw 90 mile per hour then maybe we can start taking notes but stop right here and listen! The greatest sports medicine doctor of all time has given us pitchers the information we need to learn to throw like a major league ball player. This doctor is none other than the most respected surgeon in baseball, Dr. James Andrews. He performed a study on low velocity pitchers and high velocity pitchers at ASMI to determine the mechanical differences that equal velocity. To read more about this gem of a study and to understand how to apply these findings you must read the article at http://www.TopVelocity.net, the number one pitching velocity mechanics site on the web.

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The Secrets behind throwing hard!